This is a song I finished a few months ago. It's about the Israel/Palestine conflict, and the struggle of Israel to retain it self as an independant nation.

I'm very pleased with the instrumental parts, though some notes don't come out too well on the recording. Since i've recorded this i've touched up some problems with my pronunciation. This was all played and sung at the same time, apart from an extra acoustic guitar added digitally at the end.

Hope you enjoy, and please crit for me and i'll be happy to do the same!

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That some voice you got there. I was trying to think of who you reminded me of, Jarvis Cocker is the first that comes to mind

Instrumentally, I enjoyed the guitar arrangement. There are some stray notes, but I'm definitely no stickler. I think the break starting at 2:04 was a good idea, it broke away from the more fragile fingerpicking that preceded it. I think there was something symbolic about that change, but that's just my two cents.
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Thanks dude. Yea, there is a lot of symbolism in this song. When I first started writing the guitar part I automatically knew what it was going to be about, and the music kind of just played out like a story to go along with the meaning of the song and lyrics.

I want to do a new recording of this song soon, maybe change a few instrumental bits and add in a solo electric guitar to fill in the blank spots.
great song man,are you a fan of black label society?its like sumthin they might do .the lyrics are nice too ,an a great voice ,keep writing songs man

heres a link to a few of my recordings,there mostly just acoustic guitars have a listen if you get a chance