I have a humbucker in the bridge, a single in the neck, one master volume, and a veritone in my guitar.

My problem is that there is excessive noise coming from my guitar, my original suspicion was that the string ground was not proper, but now that I've attached that to the back of the master volume with all the other grounds there's still excessive noise even when my hands on the strings.

Another interesting thing, I can turn the master volume all the way off, and I can still play (hear the strings through my amp) although a tiny bit quieter!!!!

What would cause that??
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Sounds like you did quite a horrible job wiring that, not gonna lie. Do you properly know how to solder? Are you putting solder on the iron, then 'wiping' it onto the object, or are you correctly using the heat? It sounds like you may have damaged the resistive element in the potentiometer, and that's why it isn't working correctly anymore.

If you ground a guitar the wrong way, you create ground loops. Ground loops basically end up being antennaes that pick up every bit of noise from the air, and send it to the amp. It sounds like that's what you did to the back of the volume pot. Are the cavities sheilded?

This might help with grounding.

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