ATM, I could buy one of these for $200-300USD (It has a retail of $600) Its got over 100 Amp models built in, 86 Effects (Including wah, thats worth $70 right there), And its got Line in Capabilities and software. But If you Could help me at all, you probably already Knew that.

Im wondering about the sound of this Model, and what it can do. From a thread on the Line 6 X3 Live, Ive heard that they don't give Great Live tone For Heavy metal, which is what I play.

If I were to get one, I would have a Setup including a Squier Strat, Soon an Ibanez Xiphos, and A Lyon 25 Watt Digital amp.

I wouldn't plan on using it live for anything, just for Line in recording. When doing line in with this thing, how is the tone? Is it playable? Good? Crap?

I plan on using it before I buy it, But im just looking for information.
Do you like Meshuggah's tone? They use PODs live. Tone is very subjective, generally PODs are considered to produce a good tone for the studio. It's not a valve amp but in my oppinion the PODs sound good enough to use live.
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For under $500 multifx, the Pod series probably leads the pack with metal tones. $200 max for a used Live XT.