I started this a million years ago, finally remembered it and decided to finish it off today. Still very short, but it's my first try at writing this kind of music.

Kinda started off as a Post-Rock attempt, but it ended up sounding more like Diary-era Sunny Day Real Estate kinda indie/emo. Anyways, take a listen pl0x, and will c4c:

EDIT: GP4 added
Wings Clipped.gp5
Wings Clipped.gp4
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Awesome, i loved it
The intro is nice, good note choices. Bass fills it in well too. Then the electric kicks in and it beautiful. I especially like bars 26-32. Drums are good too, Bars 54 and 55 how you hit the 3 crashes then kick in with the hats ..very effective i use that lost too. anyways.. good tune, a solo would be nice


You seem to encapsulate the best of post-hardcore and post-rock with this song. It would be nice if you could continue it, but it's best not to force an ending out just to have closure.
I like the punkish, At the Drive-In feel to the verse, and I see the Sunny Day Real Estate.
Very well done. I would go on with a longer crit (since this was a good piece), but this song is a bit short.

Here ya go...