So I am faced with a dilemma. While there are two people I would normally trust with critiquing my work... Well read on and I'm sure you'll understand. I don't completely mean everything in the song, but you know how women get.

Anyway, be honest. I haven't written in awhile.

Why do I think about you?
Why do you haunt my dreams?
Why do you just smile,
And hold this power over me?
I want to feel you in my arms
I just want the world to stop
But tonight I’m with her
And you’re thinking about him

With you I think I live
I know for you I’d die
Give all I have to give
If you’d stay with me tonight

My heart feels incomplete
Until you look at me
Then the whole world fades away
It’s just you and me
There are times I wish
That when we first met
I was not with her
And you were not with him


I shouldn’t feel this way about you
I shouldn’t care this much for you
But all I have with her
All the good times and the bad
I would give it all away
To live in this moment here with you.