Ok i'm new to tabbing my own songs out and i play some really wierd stuff sometimes
and this riff ias just pissing me off

Heres how it looks rhythmically

1 & uh 2 & uh 3 & 1 & uh 2 & uh 3 &

They are all triplets i believe just can't figure out what the time sig would be
here a gp file of it

Its the heavy rhytym part i want it like that except just straight triplets.
dunno if this makes sense.....
NO Name 1.gp5
do you mean like this?

if that's not right then I'd need some kind of recording to help you out.
NO Name 1.gp5
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16th notes in 4/4 played with a triplet feel. That's why it gets cut off at the & of 3.
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8/12 would probably be the best for the feel i'm trying to get but GP5 doesn't have it But The fourthhorsemans way did make the bars equal at least. Thanks