What is the technic to playing and learning scales ?

One can play scales over and over ...practice makes perfect

But is there a method to the repetitive play ?

What i mean is should one play example the C major scale, by just going
down playing every C down the neck or should one play the C note and then the
ones inbetween or should it be played fret by fret or everyother fret , or in
note progression as one would chord progression.....which is the best
way to Learn and retain that knowledge of each Scale ?

Just trying to get the sense of how to Learn and retain in ones memory
the scales and the progression of each note and how they should flow
in order to learn to play better and with memorable accomplishment.

What say you experts who have been playing along time for us who
are learning about scales and or playing them and learning them in Rythm one with another ?
I play every note in the scale on each string as in like play an e minor scale up and down the e string, then play every note in the scale that you can play on the a string. That helps immensely for legato lines up and down the neck.

Also get familiar where the octaves are and how to get to them from your root note. Find your own style, be creative, learn a little theory, and find a scale that helps you play what's in your head.
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Play them absolutely every way you can possibly find all 7 notes on your guitar until you've exhausted all the ways from 1 string to 1 - 4 note per string ways and any other awkward way that forces you to know the actual scale notes and your neck notes better than you can count from one to ten.
If you want to be able to improvise in a scale well that is. Just play it a ton of ways with a metronome until you really know it.
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