i upgraded my amp 2 months ago from a 15W no name practice amp to a Vox Valvetronix VT30 and i got a Squier Strat (SSS with Basswood body and has the bridge pickup space made for a humbucker) and i will have enough money to buy a new pickup or a footswitch by the end of the next week
i play a lot of styles and my songs tend to use a lot of cleans, distortion and effects so is really hard to play and go to press the buttons on the amp so i need the VFS5 footswitch
i use a lot of gain and my pickups feedbacks too much when im practicing with my band so i would like to buy a Dimarzio Super Distortion since i need a high output humbucker for the bridge position
should i buy the footswitch or the pickup?
thanks for any help
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What's your budget?
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Quote by LaidBack
What's your budget?

i still dont have a specific budget
but on Chilean money the price difference between the Dimarzio SD and the Vox VFS5 is not too much, the footswitch is just a little bit cheaper