I was just wondering what you guys think is the cheapest best bass ever.
I'd say cheap is 300$ or lower. But just tell me any cheap but something you can actually say is a good bass.

Oh. And amp. Best, cheapest amp.

Username is from years ago, just saying
$300? I'd say a Squier VM Jazz, great quality for a low price. Amp... not too sure, but Acoustic and Peavey are good brands to look into.
Squier VM and Ibanez GSR200. The Squier Affinity series is ok, but you can do much better. If you go much cheaper then the VM or GSR, the quality drops quite a bit (i.e. Dean and Rogue basses), and the bass wont last nearly as long or play as well.

For an amp, I recommend Acoustic (B20), Peavey's are great, and Kustom
Composite Aficionado

Spector and Markbass
i would reccomend a used fender jazz or precision bass. would reccomend the Precision for an absolute beginner
ESP B-405,Fender American Jazz Bass(EMG J active pups and LEO QUAN BADASS II ) squire P bass(EMG P active Pups)),
SansAmp Bass driver DI
Ampeg SvP PRO Tube Preamp
QSC2450 Power amp
Furman PL8