okay. there are this two basses that i really like but i cant decide which one to get. it would be awesome if i could get some personal opinions and criticism on these 2 basses.

Spector Legend Classic 4


Fender Standard Jazz Bass
The Fender may be good or it may just be all right build-wise, not sure about the Spector (never played one). I guess just try them if you can to narrow it down by tone, feel, you know, all that stuff.
Both are great basses, but I got a very different feel off of each one of them. You can't go wrong with either, but its going to be a matter of which one feels more right in your hands
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Spector and Markbass
I agree with what tostitos said completly.
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I agree with what tostitos said completly.

this, but if you can't play them first, get the jazz, it gets most types of sounds in some form and fits most types of music.
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