Im looking for an acoustic amp that also has a mic channel. It needs to have a little bit of power behind it, for playing parties and such. Id say no more then 700 dollars.

Whats your suggestions?
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Fishman Loudbox Performer. Goes for $650ish new and sounds freakin amazing. It has 2 channels so you can use a mic and guitar through it. 130 watts should be plenty for a party in a house or something.


Your other option, which could turn out more useful in the long run would be to go with a full PA system. You can get a pretty decent system for $500 or less and if you get more people in on it you'll have more than enough channels on a 6-8 channel mixer.

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I thought about getting a PA, but its to much to lug around all the time, and i dont want to split it with other people
Where the hell did slide guitar go!?!
check out the crate amps
I bought a CA15 a while back for $85 plus a free cable, 2 channels, can use a mic, can hook up to a speaker cabinet, has reverb, mp3/cd plugin, great little amp. Maybe you could spring for one of the larger models?
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I have an Ibanez troubadour and I love it. It has a mic channel and reverb and chorus built in. I have the 35 watt and it gets pretty loud. If you want something louder perhaps go the next model up in the series.
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It costs like ten dollars a gram
Genz Benz Shenandoah Jr.

2 Channels,

channel 1: XLR + 1/4"
channel 2: 1/4"

35 watts

One GREAT acoustic amp.
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AAD by Phil Jones.

It costs $300 and is 100watts. Phil Jones is world renowned in the audio world. He develops million dollar sound systems and knows his stuff.

Seriously, you don't need to look at anything else. This is basically the be-all and end-all.
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holy crap... that phil jones looks ever so nice. except it doesn't have a mic channel. god i wish it did though...
Where the hell did slide guitar go!?!