I know there's a thread about this but I couldn't find it.

I just got back from my first concert, AC/DC, and wow was it amazing! Angus's guitar playing was incredible and the things he did at his age are pretty much unbelievable. Brian's voice cracked a few times but that's expected, especially with the voice he has anyway. Crowd was awesome along with the cannons, bell and fire. So glad I had the opportunity to go!

Blog/story I know.
congrats, we're all jealous, obvious pit answers

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so is there a question in here like how was your first concert or what was your first concert? otherwise bro story cool

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I went to a concert once.
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where do you live in Buffalo. How do I know, my sister went today(well yesterday now). Was it worth the 92 bucks
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Blog/story I know.

I don't get it. If you know its a blog/story, and doesn't warrant a thread. Then why do you make one?
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I went to a concert once.

Your kidding right?? I mean who goes to concerts?? (Sarcasm in case you didn't know)
Yea there's a million "first concert" threads, but cool still the same.

I just went to my first one too on saturday. FM Static, Audio Unplugged, some other guys, Thousand Foot Krutch, and Jars of Clay. (Creation Fest, on Tour) I hadn't listened to any of them in a long long time but a friend offered to buy me the tickets so why not. Awesome sound, also pretty powerful too. Up til then I've only been to local shows and Warped Tour, which is more of a festival than concert.
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Linkin Park with Chris Cornell was my first concert. I don't like Linkin Park now though. But they were good when I saw them.

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My first (and only) concert (I'm 13) was Springsteen at the Millenium Staduim. Was well and truly banging despite me never having heard him before.
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My first big concert was My Chemical Romance.

Was pretty cool. Shit sound, but great experience.

Same here. I do wish it had been 4 years earlier though, so that I could have heard material from "Bullets" instead of "The Black Parade".