I was just looking to sell a guitar of mine, which was a gift. I have no idea where it was bought, but according to the serial it was bought in '03. It is a Fender Tele made in Korea. Pickups are both Humbuckers, I think they are Sey-Dunc but I'm not positive. 3-toggle switch. The two curious parts about this guitar are: Silver Fender signature on head; and Pearl Inlays. The sound is fantastic and it is surprisingly easy to play. I have looked at it myself and had a few friends try to guess its worth but none of us are really sure, anyone have a good idea? Thanks.

I already tried running the serial, and actually called Fender myself to talk to my guy there and he had nothing on it.

There are three photos attached. Thanks for your help.
If it's a good guitar, and a gift, why are you buying it? It has both sentimental value and is not a shit guitar. I'd keep it. Also, it's a Fender Special Edition FMT HH. Worth about 700 new, but you should keep it unless you absolutely need to sell it.
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