the world slows down just a little bit if you ask it to,
take a little bit of it from mother earth
roll it up
now take a deep breath.
and another,
now just one more.

"have a good drive home"

this old truck feels like the heartbeat of the moon,
I know the brakes are working cause i can feel them pulse,
as the LED lights in front of me stretch for miles
Ryan Adams is crying on the radio
and it all feels right.

I feel fine,
but everyone tells me something should be wrong.
Isn't it spelt “serotonin”?

I thought the first verse was a load of jumbled up nonsense. I had no idea what was going on.

The only thing I can see a relation to, is the “seratonin” letting you know something is “wrong”. That there is a clash between what everyone is telling you and what your body is telling you. Maybe that has something to do with the smoking imagery in the first stanza? Maybe that is then related to "mother earth"? Its very hard to notice where the significance is.

The piece is too confusing for me. It could be a really clever idea, but as it is, I can't make anything out of it that felt concrete or relatable.
i like it. i think the last line sort of sums up the feelings i got from reading it.
Reminds me of how you feel after smoking cannabis. I actually interpreted the first part of it in that way. "Take a little bit from mother earth, roll it up" etc

The mention of how the music "feels alright" also fits into the interpretation

The emphasis on the heartbeat and being more aware of things also makes me think of being high. The fact that weed also lowers serotonin levels might be of significance maybe?

Just my first impression of it anyway. I enjoyed it
I like it. Emphasis on simple pleasures and different definitions of satisfaction; it's just a nice little dilly into your eyes
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