My band Xstrophy has just gotten our EP recorded. We have some unmastered tracks on our myspace if you would like to check them out. Id reccomend checking out Intro To My Life, 2012, Inject Me With Pain, or Forgotten Soul. But let me know what you think about the songs, and if you leave me a link Ill gladly check your song out.

official website (the flash intro is being changed soon) www.xstrophy.com

myspace- www.myspace.com/xstrophy21

Thanks guys!!!
Intro to my life: sweet, great riff, the transition to the chord riff is fantastic. I can definitely sense the Iron Maiden influence (I love Iron Maiden). The vocals need working on though, they seem too much separated from the melody, they should be integrated into the song. The vocals should also be made more melodic.

2012: Once again, great riff, I love the solo lick at 1:00. The vocals suit this song well, however I think that the instruments should be turned up (or the vocals turned down). The solo is great (very Metallica style).

Inject me with pain: ery nice rhythm and transitions. The lyrics are really good too, as is the solo. As before, the vocals are too loud compared to the instruments.

All in all, you've got a sweet sounding EP, great songs. The only thing I would change would be the vocals. They are too loud.

I did my best to give you some consrtuctive criticism, I hope you'll do the same for me:

Listening to Intro to my Life...

Not really my style. The guitar intro was sweet. The singing could use some work.

Overall i like the riffs. Good continuous flow too.
Intro to my life was very interesting.

I liked the guitar ALOT reminds me of the intro of power rangers at one point!

The singing kinda reminds me of metalica style stuff but I like it, very clear and overall sounding good.

Untill the end sounds really good overall, like the druming and singing!

Could you crit our song please :P, check it out here...


Thanks,Cya Around
First off, I really enjoy the guitar work. Good stuff. Some chord progressions go on to long in my opinion, I'd like more ideas because most of them are pretty good. I actually really like to vocals a lot. I especially loved the clean section in the first song. Good stuff, keep it up!

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Hey thanks for the crit!

I listened to Intro My Life

Thats fun like a heavy version of Candy by Iggy pop!

Im okay with the intro, but im not really into melodic things.

The next riff is pretty good ! the one that sounds like Candy. But dont worry those chords are greats
I like the singers voice!

The chorus is pretty catchy
The drums are cool too.

The quiet part is cool, its pretty lyrical. Sounds rock n roll and jazzy sometimes. Reminds me of Metallica

The end + solo is great.

So very good overall !! Thanks for the critique by the way!
Your music sounds really good, I pertty much liked all the songs, since thrash is my natural playing style. But I would have to say 2012 was my favorite song, really great riffs in there, the solo at 1 min was kick ass, the lyrics arent bad, bit rough, but I think thats what you where going for. They still need alot of mastering to be perfect, but the guitar playing is perfect, everything on time and everything.

Crit mine?