this is something i posted long time before...now i get back to it, changed it a little...
im still searching for perfection.....
dont hesitate to tell me about anything you didnt like
i appreciate your crits, and i do C4C as always


New section added!
Bmin Arpege - extended - drums2.gp4
Bmin Arpege - extended - drums2.gp5
Bmin Arpege - extended - drums2.zip
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Melancholy, and epic.

I love it. It's original and definitely kept me interested the whole way through. You must record this.

Keep it up. Can't wait to hear it recorded (if it will).
Your strong parts are by far the piano sections, including the piano interlude and outro. I kinda felt like the final solo (I wasnt watching my computer and missed the "Outro" tag) was going to lead into something epic and huge and was disappointed when it just ended. It still works great as an ending, but I really thought it was about to go somewhere.
I'm about to put up the last section of my song if you wanna glance at it.
Really liking the harmonies between the lead guitar and the piano during the solos, good stuff. Like Macabre, I felt like there was a huge build up towards the ending and it just kinda fell. I think the outro could be a bit more powerful.
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not bad dude! i feel that the fast paced solos and trem picking mucks up the atmosphere you created at the start
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damn it ! why did you end it there !!
awesome music! the verse, the chorus, the bridge, the solos, everythings perfect !
i loved the intro, the jazz guitar in there. the verse is good including the vocal lines,
gives you an almost given up feeling - ENOUGH! i think. the chorus builds onto it, (if i were you, i would put all the energy that builds up before it into the chorus, but this works well too)
i always love the pianos in such kind of songs. the gutiar + piano solo is good. same with the second piano interlude being great
solo 2 is v.nice, but the outstanding part is that key change for chorus +2. awesome
if i were you i wouldnt dare end on the part you did :P its almost like torturing the listener with a wait for it, wait for it approach to an epicness but you end this awesome piece with it
top notch song !
c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1223340
Jesus... it's perfect. The perfect song.

From the start, it's captivating, it draws you in. The styles come from everywhere, you can feel so many different styles just pass through. The riffs are incredible. It ends so perfectly...
It's gives me the same feeling I get from listening to Hotel California but times a million.

I love you.
Guys thank you all...im really glad u liked it
i'll take your suggestion into consideration and i'll try to extend more...i think i'll add a complete different thing at the end..
thank you sir
guys please check the update, i added a complete different style section at the end...
hope u like it...

As mentioned earlier, it certainly is melancholy. I love the feeling crated by the 3 notes in bar 16. It's kinda one of desperation. The variation on this (bar 21) is amazing aswell.

The piano interludes are easily the strongest sections of this piece... until the extension on the end. Really fucking effective way to end it. It's like all the tension you built up throughout the piece was released at the beggining of the extension and then as it progressed it began to build back up again. Amazing.

I know I missed a lot, butI think I've pulled out the strongest moments of a great piece. Theres nothing wrong with this at all.

By the way, I recall collaborating with on a song in this forum, so perhaps you'll like this; https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1225684