Haven't written anything in a while, so I thought I'd just push this out.

Crits would be greatly appreciated.

I'm New in the F*ck You Business

Three months of hangover
my sunglasses on
in mornings I sleep
my nights are gone
I’m stumbling through
Each minute, each day
My hand reaches high
with my feet glued to stay
I do what I can
But it’s not enough
I use all my efforts
But life is rough
I want to move on
But that takes more effort
If I don’t jump
I’ll be here forever

Kick into gear
My mind is on the fritz
Get out of here
Both sides my candle’s lit

Live life through actors
Exciting, it’s fun
But reality bites
When the movie is done
Can’t live off of others
I’ll run out of love
Can’t pray to god
Cause there’s no one above
But maybe there is
I’ll admit I can’t see
Past what is here
What’s lucid, what’s me
Can’t blame others
But why the f*ck not
Nothing but excuses
They’re all that I got
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Pedophilia all the way man. Go for it.

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hahaha i thought you wrote Philidelphia all the way, i was like yeah philidelphias cool i spose

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I'm diggin' the lyrics brah!

I can see them fitted over some punk rhythm.
Maybe "at the drive-esque" but with a more punk feel, eh?