lol this song was a pretty big genre mash that me and my other guitarist wrote, kinda just for fun. It incorporates all sorts of elements from genres like progressive, j-rock, neoclassical, death metal, metalcore, etc. Its pretty bizarre. But maybe im just over-thinking it, eitherway lemme know whatcha guys think.

Working Title - Rite of Passage.zip
I personally wouldn't say it was that outrageous. Just sounds like something avenged sevenfold would do... or trivium. Sounds good though.
This is actually very well composed! I'm not a fan of that kind of music but the structure of the song well built. The solos are very melodic but I would sometimes play in the mid range of the guitar, not only in the top octave. Also, the last bar seems weird to me. But overall it's a good song. You can check out my songs. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1218854
It reminded me of the ultimateshow down, the intro chords. But it was missing the fourth chord.