Hey guys, not sure if this is the right place to post this (mod can move if necessary). But I'm wanting to record my drums (have an electric kit) but I'm after some acoustic songs that do not contain drums to begin with.

I like, metal, punk, hard rock and alternative but will drum to anything.

Was wondering if members could post some acoustic songs they really like (preferably fitting into the above styles) so I can record some drum parts over them.

Open to anything really so please, suggestions would be awesome

haha awesome man! I love tenacious D, can't believe I didn't think of that...

Anything else?
lots of people in the original recordings forum would probably be happy to have you add drum tracks to thier songs. i stick synth drums in some of my stuff, but there are times i know id like to have a real drummer do something. im sure others feel the same way, so maybe hit up some people there.

if you want an actual bands recording to play to, try dropkick murphy's world full of hate. just be wary, you cannot post anything that contains a copyrighted song on your profile. so if you played to the D or dropkick, you cant post your recording on your profile if it contains the song you played to.
Jon Foreman... He is the frontman for the band Switchfoot, but he does solo stuff on the side, and has some very nice acoustic/strings music with vocals.