I bought a nice 600$ Samick electric for my girlfriend because she wanted to learn electric( finally after 2 years of me teaching her acoustic ). But i bought it like a month ago in another state and have a problem with only her volume nob. It sounds like someone is rubbing two pieces of cloth together when she raises and lowers the volume. I have never had this happen to me in five years of playing on any of my guitars. Is this a wiring problem and can be easily fixed? Or something to do with the nobs. I really do not know what other information to offer except this noise only happens with volume nob and tone nob does not do this. Thanks for reading!
If it only happens when you turn it, I'd say it's almost definitely the pot. Pot is short for "potentiometer" and is shorthand for the machinery underneath the knob. Replacing a pot is pretty simple work, and pots run pretty cheap.
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Yeah, it's most likely the pot.

If you don't want to go to a shop right away, you can take the pickguard off and carefully spray contact cleaner into one of the little holes on the base of the pot.

But I'd just research a little about the contact cleaner thing, coz it might have to be a certain type.
Very nice man! Thanks a lot for the speedy reply now I can open this bad boy up and maybe have a better idea of what could be up! I am a learn as i go kinda guy lol, so I don't exactly know everything on the inside of a guitar until something like this comes up. Rock on and I am sure my girlfriend appreciates this a ton.
Thanks telecaster, I actually did something like that for a tone nob on an older fender. I figure this problem sounded different and there is no pick guard on this guitar. It is a very custom looking body too it and can only be opened from the back so attempting to clean it seemed to be a tough challenge from the other side. Thanks for the reply man! I will see what i can do!