My new Wolfgang Standard Deluxe - Hardtail!

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NICE. How's she play?
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There's bound to be a drummer here that can help you, otherwise check YouTube for tutorial vids.
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^^^See! Told ya so!
That yellow top looks so awesome
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Beautiful. Love these instruments.
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Beautiful wood chopper. Congrats! How does she play?
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I played that model the other day at a Music store. It was very nice.
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I LOVE the neck, it plays great.

My only problem, one I initially didn't notice... after some extended play I noticed the inside of my forearm above my wrist get sore from resting on the edge of the guitar. I'm used to bit of contour there like on an RG or a strat.

I guess Gibsons and Tele's are the same I've just never had extended play on those types to notice it.

Think I'll get used to it? Anyone else had that problem?
very nice! wolfgangs have some of the best flame maple tops on them i think
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hot! looks similar to the one devin townsend is now using. is it wired for coil tapping?

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hot! looks similar to the one devin townsend is now using. is it wired for coil tapping?

nah no coil tap atm.
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