Okayy, I basically want to be able to record like thiss..


I think Killrbuckeye has a really good recording method,
But i don't at al have the equipment he has. I want to be able to record so it sounds really clean.

My Equipment:
A decent video cam (Inc. Leads to link to computer etc.)
Marshall AVT150X
Sennheiser Mic (can't remember specific model,)
M-Audio Audiophile ( I think tha'ts the name of it)
Audio Buddy

Computer Software:
SONAR Home Edition

So, how do i go about doing this?
And also, is there a way to record a song AND be able to hear yourself playing it through amp or computer at the same time?

You would just use your M-Audio device as your external audio interface, and plug in the microphone, which would be placed in front of your amp. The rest of the process is pretty much the same. I would suggest using SONAR instead of Audacity. Since you'll be recording your amp with a microphone, you'll have to use headphones to monitor your recorded tracks as well as the new one you're recording. Otherwise, if you use speakers to monitor, they will bleed back into the microphone. The other option is to place your amp in a separate sound-proofed room, but most people don't have this option in their homes.

The key is learning how to use your DAW software (SONAR) effectively. If you're new to this it can be pretty overwhelming, so you might want to see if you can find some tutorials or read through the documentation.
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Thanks KillrBuckeye
Previously I was plugging the mic into the Audio Buddy instead of the M-Audio interface, been reading up on the SONAR stuff last night aswell, so thanks for the help!