If I wanted a neck pickup that will give me a nice balanced, clean tone, but will still overdrive nicely, what should I go for? I would put it in a poplar Strat.

Humbucker or single coil (I'm guessing single coil, but you can never be too sure)? What amp are you using? What bands do you play/are you similar to? What about your current tone with your neck pickup don't you like? Is your current neck pickup stock? How hard do you want to overdrive to go?
I was thinking about a Seymour Duncan Five-Two. I'm using a both Marshall MG15CD and a Weber Blackface-like model. I sound/would like to sound like the Arcade Fire or Led Zeppelin (I know, they're not similar at all) but really I just want my own sound. I'm actually designing my custom Strat with Warmoth, so I don't have it yet. I tend to overdrive it warm and medium gain, kind of like an AC30. When it's clean, I like a very balanced, sweet-singing tone.
fender custom shop fat 50 grat fat puncy sound when overdriven, and great cleans

but get a better amp.
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Lets see...I'm going to recommend IronGear, cause they're awesome and really good price. Check this one out: http://irongear.co.uk/irongear_020.htm
Though really, you're going to need a better amp (Although the Weber might do a fairly good job). I say get the Iron Gear (It's 20quid, what can you lose eh?), and then see if it's good or not.

Another option would be Rockmonkey Pickups, handwound from a fellow UG member who offers discounts to other UG members. Here's one to check out: http://www.rockmonkeyguitars.com/custom_warm_gorilla_groove.htm Of course, you can always email/PM him, and tell him what you want and he'll help you out.
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