Yeah I need to buy a new acoustic guitar. Just don't know which.
It can't be too expenssive, not the most rich one in the world.
I normally play the electric guitar, the acoustic it's just for when I play acoustic songs or something.
So, something to recomend?
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Dude, to some people, 200 is breaking their budget and others have 1000 to spend and consider that not expensive. you really need to let us know a few things:

Do you want a cutaway?

With that said, check the guitars for under 300$ thread that's stickied at the top. Alot of great suggestions, and get to your nearest store and try out all the guitars you can get your hands on. If you go to your local guitar center and all of the strings on every guitar are old and very dull, go somewhere else where you can get better idea of how the guitars sound. I sounded like an idiot a few years back because the only martin I had ever tried at the time was a 2000 one from guitar center with strings that were dull and lifeless. I said it sounded horrible. I tried one at another guitar shop where they take better care of their gear and every martin I picked up had nearly perfect action and sounded sweet. I also bought my Taylor from the same place and the same Taylor that i tried at guitar center was deplorable.