I have a Joe Strummer tele. the neck pickup has beautiful clean and warm full sound. imagine the opening chord for GnR knocking on heavens door. however the bridge pickup pretty much sucks..its too tinny and has no depth.

anyways, i'm looking for a pickup to get bluesy sounds and even some funk sounds (RHCP Blood sugar sex magic era type of stuff).

i'm looking at the Seymour Duncan ST59 (anyone have experience with that one?). but i'm open to any suggestions!

I'd look into bare knuckle pickups. Also there's a user on here (can't remember who) who winds custom pickups and gives discounts to UG members.

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IronGear do some amazing Tele pups.
Like this
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what type of tone are you after? that st59 is a single-coil sized humbucker; i haven't tried that exact one, but based on the ones I have tried, it's likely to have a very specific tone, somewhat between a single coil and a humbucker. EDIT: oh ok, i saw you did list the rough tones you wanted... I'd want a normal tele pickup for that, not a single coil-sized humbucker.

what country do you live in, too? that'll affect availability and prices etc. etc., and hence recommendations.
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A buddy of mine on the Gig scene has a Seymor Duncan Mini-Bucker. Its a single coil sized humbucker and it sounds great! best Tele I've heard for diversifying the genre's.

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