I have an Esquire guitar without any hardware or electronics that a guitar builder is putting together for me right now.
Yesterday when I went to his shop to see the progress he showed me the schematic (see link). Apparently he got it from Fender but he tells me that it's no good. I don't know anything at all about this and can't remember exactly what he said but it was something about the signal not being strong enough or similar. Anyways he suggested me to ask around on the internet to see if anyone else has a better schematic.

I'm completely lost and was hoping that someone could have a look at the image that I posted a link to and give me some input.


Thanks Demonic82! I'll ask him tomorrow.

Would anyone happen to know what's wrong with the first schematic?
Ohh. Another thing that I don't really get is how there can be different ways of connecting the cables. It's probably just me simply not knowing enough about these kinds of things but shouldn't there be one, correct, way to do this and the rest of them wrong?
Nope, there are a lot of ways to wire things. Nothing strikes me as particularly wrong with either of those schematics posted, maybe what he was getting at is that the original esquire wiring wasn't all that useful. That bottom position in the esquire wiring is really bassy and muddy.
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Would anyone happen to know what's wrong with the first schematic?
Look closely. The wiring is identical. Just drawn a bit clearer in the SD version.
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