I need to make room for some new guitars so I'm selling my Yamaha Pacifica. It's about 10 years old, so it isn't the newer model. I think it's a 112M.

Question is, is it worth selling such an old, low budget guitar? Does anyone have any recommendations on price?
Sorry for the double post! I should specify I'm in the UK. I paid £170 for it back in the day.
Not at the moment. I will take some as soon as I get home. It's black, has a couple of tiny dinks in it, the white scratch plate has gone a kind of yellow shade (not from smoke, I don't smoke). The fret board has gone kind of weird in some parts...can't describe what I mean. I'll show it in the pictures.

It still plays well though! I'm just not sure whether I'd be able to get more than £20 for it!
Sorry about that guys! Didn't get time to take pictures last night! I might have a friend buying it for £20 now anyway. I'll still post pictures though!