New to the forum and a new-to-me bass. Looking for info on 1970 EB-3. Appears to be 100% original. Looking for info on FLATwound strings that will work well with the stock bridge. Also looking for info on how to setup the string height and lateral location over the neck with the nylon bridge saddles. Also looking for any tips on perfecting that Jack Bruce/Cream sound. THANKS!
Any flatwound strings will work. The two screws on wither side of the bridge base plate might give you some string height adjustment. I don't believe that the individual saddles on an EB-3 bridge were designed to be individually adjustable for string height. Each bridge saddle is attached to a screw running the length of the bridge that is adjustable for intonation.
here is some info. if your buying as a collector, they are valuable ($1900-$2000).
as a player, keep looking. the price they sell for is in no way connected to their playabilty, and/or tone.
a fretless bass suits Bruces music very well, I'd poke for a fretless Warwick, you may find a thumb, like Bruce plays. failing that, find a modded Gibson that does not have that 3 point bridge.
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The 1970 EB-3 I am working with has nylon or Delrin saddles. Upon additional detailed inspection it appears that a "V" notch has been cut into the saddles to adjust the string height individually and also to adjust the lateral location over the fretboard. Is this typical? I do like those $1900-$2000 vaule numbers! Anyone know where I might obtain one "Gibson" little round cover for the stock Schaller M-4-C Classic tuners?