First of all i have a Line 6 Low Down Studio 110 Bass Amp (Just looks like a cube basically). The problem i have had with it before was with one of my old crappy leads. One of the connectors at the end of it was bent to death and finally it gave way and the connector got jammed in my Input, i managed to take it apart and get it out, put it all back together it worked soo i left it well alone.

But lately ive been having problems again. Naturally i thought it was my lead so i went out and bought a new one. Brought it home plugged it in, doesnt even work. So then i thought the lead doesnt work but i plugged it into my old amp and it works perfectly. Secondly I tried my old lead again it works but with volume problems. I have the volume right up on my guitar, the master volume is up the highest it can go on the amp but the sound produced is incredibly quiet. If i turn down my amp to about half way i get no sound at all. Ive tried it with all 3 of my basses and i still get the same problem.

Basically i have no idea whats wrong with it, my amp knowledge is basically doesnt exist.

So if anyone can help me please do so thanks!

Kirstie (Nashyy)
It sounds like you bent the spring contact point with your old, bent cable connector. You might try this: unplug you amplifier, carefully remove the input jack by unscrewing the nut that holds it in and remove the jack; being careful not to tear away the connecting wires. See if the spring metal contact is bent. Put a good cable into the removed jack and see if the spring metal contact touches the tip of the cable connector plug. If it doen't, carefully bend it back into position. Once you have reestablished the proper contact, put the amplifier jack back into the amp and try your bass to see if the problem is fixed.
The connector was bent and not touching but ive bent it slightly and its now working

Thank-you so much FatalGear41!

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