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ok so i tried these two guitar i relly liked at my local guitar shop recently

and the

RG420EG (the spider one)

i really like both but the GRG is cheaper than the spider but i was just wondering what the key build/technical differences are (cuz they seemed pretty much the same to me)and weather its worth the extra money?

Poll coming
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What music do you usually play? Id say the RG but that has an EdgeIII so I'd go for the GRG have you looked at the Jackson guitars? whats you price rang aswell?
price range is £300 MAX mainly playing different styles of rock and a touch of metal
Xbox Live GT: A7X Dan 09

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everyone keeps saying that...why do they suck?
Xbox Live GT: A7X Dan 09

Only Playing Gears Of War 2 ATM
ignore the edge 3 haters they just don`t know how to maintain a trem and they jump on the bandwagon with everyone else that uses jackson(grossly inferior to ibanez) or schecter.

the majority of edge 3 haters haven`t even played a guitar with one
out of those 2, get the RG. I have the GRG and want to mod it, but there's no decent bridges that will fit without some major work.
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