Not my taste in music. I though it was awful.
Get a better guitar sound and cut the clean vocals.

Oh, I forgot one thing, your myspace layout is good.
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first impression: AWFUL name

band logo: its a generic font. Looks like soooooo much dog crap its not funny. Get someone to design you a real logo (I make logos) but no ones gonna want to make a logo for such a dumb name

sound: as generic as it gets. I've heard your songs all before but by different bands (not literally but you know what I mean). Ha so maybe try writing more original stuff. Your screamer is god awful. He can't pull any of it off. Even the lows are weak. I really think you should look for a new vocalist. The rest sounds alright at best. Guitar is good, drums are better. The screamers regular voice is so gay sounding, like sounds like you band is asking for a d!ck to the as$. So either get a new vocalist or continue to suck..

hope this helps somehow. Take it seriously not personally
PM me about logos and merch

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thanx for feedback
we'll do our best to make it better
the recording is 2 years ago and we record new stuff atm