Hey guys, Im looking to replace the bridge pickup in my LTD MH-50, and was looking for some suggestions. Im looking for some passive pickups to play metal with. Currently Im using a Peavey Vypyr 75w, but Im upgrading to a 6505 in a couple months so please keep that in mind!

Any suggestions are appreciated!
Look into seymour duncan and bare knuckle pickups
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My suggestion would be to get a better guitar...

However, if you are set on keeping your MH-50, buy a dimarzio d-sonic. All of your problems will be solved.

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haha well this guitar is pretty new, so I wont be buying one for a bit, thanks for the suggestions so far
Make sure you actually need high output pickups, before you go buying them. There's no point thinking about changing pickups until you get your new amp - your amp dictates most of your tone anyway. The stock ESP pickups are high output to begin with, so fi they're not giving you enough output yet, changing to brand name high output pickups probably won't change anything; what you'd need is an overdrive or boost pedal instead.
Bear in mind too that high output pickups are only useful if you play and set up your rig a specific way. If you use overdrive or boost pedals, there is no point in high output pickups; if you use a distortion pedal (leaving your amp entirely clean), there is no point in high output pickups; if you are not already fully crank your amp, there is no point in high output pickups; if your amp isn't all-valve design, there's no point in high output pickups. Make sure you actually need high output before you go changing pickups around.
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