how can i make drums with a software using drum tabs?

is there a software where i can make drums using drum tabs?
i want to make drums using software for blink 182 tracks.

how can i get blink 182 drum tracks?
guitar pro is your best bet if you want to use drum tabs...

a lot of blink 182's songs are on here as gp-file
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For all I know, there may be a very quick and easy way to do it, but I'm mildly incompetent when it comes to digital interfaces, so others please chime in if there's a better way.

What I have done, using Logic Pro and a MIDI controller (although most DAWs support a caps lock keyboard as MIDI):

Opening a drum patch and using the MIDI sequencer (piano roll in Logic, don't know what others call it) to build sample sections, and get as close as you can for the required sounds, that just sort of copy and paste your way through the drum tab.

It's not hard, but it can be tedious.
ok thank you.
but do you know where can i find famous drums beats like blink 182?
You might be able to use a MIDI drum program like EZ drummer, then import the midi drum file from for example GP5.
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