Hey ug!
I have a toneport gx and pod farm and record into Reaper. But what I am wanting to do is record my amps tone instead of useing podfarm.
I have tried multiple preamps in podfarm, and also tried bypassing podfarm totally.

my recorded siginal is very quiet.
I am thinking it is my mic but would like to hear other options.
It is a $13 first act wal mart mic

I have heard clips of others using radio shack $15 mics and they sound pretty good.
could there be any other culprit to the low low recorded volume? it also adds alot of bass and hiss, but I believe that to be from mic placement.
to me, it really seems easier simply to just get a double ended 1/8inch speaker cable and D.I. the amp to the little plug where you'd put a mic in (presumably on the back of your computer). I've done that and gotten great tone...
Give it a shot
The toneport GX doesn't have the right inputs for a XLR microphone, it doesn't have the proper pre amp. In order to make this work (good) you need to get a littler mixer that has a proper physical mic pre amp in it (the ones on podfarm are ehh). and then feed that into your toneport.

Also a better mic would help at that point.
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