what genre are bands like four year strong

and me vs hero

I've done a lot of research and haven't found it.. it's like a punk/pop style with a lot of double bass riffs and stuff, that's the best way I can describe it.

back breaker by hit the lights is also another one that kinda fits the genre

any help would be awesome
and sorry if this is the wrong thread...
like technical pop punk or some shit.
I don't know i didn't really like it, so don't really have much to say.
the vocals make me lawl, and the riffs were so happy.
I'd consider them Pop-Punk/Melodic Hardcore
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happy hardcore?

exactly. same with bands such as A Day to Remember.
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its easycore. happy hardcore is techno xeasycorex.blogspot.com

talk about a year old bump.
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its easycore. happy hardcore is techno xeasycorex.blogspot.com

For some reason easycore is the most hilarious word I've heard today.

I'd agree with this assessment.
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i need help with this:....
i want to listen to techno music more because they have happy energetic beats.
but i dont know any artists that i like.
I like BOTDF but i want to find others things that sound the same. hmmm...something like dance (like botdf) and sort of sounds like video game music you know?
im not sure what genre that would be either..
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