So the idea of owning a whammy has become more and more attractive to me, but I don't really want to sell my legs to afford a Bass Whammy off of eBay.

Has anyone used the current Digitech Whammy for guitar on bass? What was the outcome?

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Ive used it without a loop pedal and i also really want one to help with more drum and bass stuff.
I think its great it tracked down to a low A on its own E was fairly shabby. If it was in a loop i think it would work perfect. Really liked it. If you have a use for it get it, if not dont. I reckon theres not many things it would be useful for on bass. But what i want one for there is.
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I've never used one, but next time I head up to the store I'll see if I can't try one out with bass. I've had the idea of running a bass through a whammy up an octave and into a guitar amp head to a bass cabinet, so I'll have to see how it sounds sometime.

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Since its slightly on topic; is it possible to use the whammy pedal as a tremelo?

I don't think so. I may be wrong though.
I recently borrowed a friend's Whammy pedal, and I have to say it's really sweet. Great features, apparently the WH1 Whammy sounds better but I've never used it, so I can't vouch for that. It's great for emulating the sound made by artists like Tom Morello, etc, and is very useful in developing a unique sound to your own style of playing. It is a bit expensive, unfortunately. Overall I'd say it's one of the most fun pedals I've used, I'll definitely be buying one soon.

But on to the topic of my review - I've noticed that, as many reviewers have said, sometimes the Whammy will stop returning to the original pitch, even when the rocker is all the way back. I was freaking out, because I though I'd broken my friend's pedal. But it turns out the fix is really simple. Unplug the pedal, put the rocker in the toe-down position, and hold down the toggle switch while simultaneously plugging it back in. Release the toggle switch when one of the red status LEDs starts blinking. Then sweep the rocker all the way back and forth a couple of times or more, and hit the toggle switch. This will re-calibrate the pedal. Hopefully this saves some buyers a lengthy RMA process.
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