I was wondering if there is some sort of foot switch out there that allows for two pedals to be connected to it and with pressing that foot switch, both pedals come on simultaneously. For example, i use delay and flange for a couple of songs and because of how they're placed on my board, (for optimal sound quality) I can't switch them on at the same time, losing the effect I create from both pedals for a second or two until i engage both .. Is there something out there that can externally engage both effects simultaneously? Thanks!
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Yeah...just build your own bypass loop pedal. They sell kits on ebay. It will let you put the pedals in a separate loop, and you can leave them on all the time...and just switch the loop on when you want to use them, switch it off when you don't.
Oh for real? wow ok, ima look into that, thanks man .. but are there any other alternatives? just to, you know, keep some options available in case my building skills suck .. thanks again.
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ABY pedal? does 1 or the other or both or none

This would work too. Don't put anything on the A loop...just run that straight to your amp. On the B loop, put the delay and flanger (you can leave them on too if you're planning to use them at the same time). Then you can switch between them. Keep the AB pedal on A when you don't need the pedals, switch to B for delay and flanger.
man, you guys are straight genuis' lol .. thanks for helping me find a solution .. im sticking the the a/b/y and see how that turns out. Peace!
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