I want to get a Delay pedal... I've had a look at the Boss DD-7 and also GigaDelay, because I like Boss.
I don't know any other good Delays though. Are there any bad things about the Boss pedals?

And is the GigaDelay really as complicated as it looks? xD I don't want to use a pedal, which totally messes up my playing while I'm on stage and trying to activate it. ^^
Therefore I'd probably take the DD-7 if I had to choose.

But please, tell me what you think!

And if it matters: My amp is a Laboga Mr Hector and I play Metal, kind of Melodic Death Metal. I want to use the pedal for nice effects and also for short rythm-, or two-guitar-harmonic-parts.

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Why don't you tell us what exactly you're looking for? You've been kind of vague.

Do you want some recommendations for more than digital delays?
How much delay time do you want?

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As for the Boss delays, they're pretty decent. I have a DD-3, and although not analogue, it's decent and does exactly what I wanted from it.
i have a dd-20 and its not difficult to use at all, and it can do tons of stuff. you can also save 4 presets. one of the pedals turns the delay on and off. the 2nd pedal can be used to toggle between presets or as a tap tempo. it wont mess you up on stage.
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When you crank up the gain to 10 and switch to the lead channel, it actually sounds like you are unjustifiably bombing an innocent foreign land.

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Im sure the Nova Repeater is going to get a lot of suggestions and indeed it is a very good pedal. But i think that (IMO) delay is a little over-rated, its good for ambient playing but thats about it, like i said thats just my opinion, although i have a dd-3 and i think it serves its purpose superbly.
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