So I'm a 6 year guitarist who hasn't been really interested in lyric writing until recently, but i've found half the song lyrics i start writing eventually turn to crap. I'm thinking it might have something to do with me having a little tune set out in my head as im writing the lyrics as an example i might have a tune set out for my first four lines then the tune changes in my head when im writing my next two lines and when i read the whole thing together it sounds totally wrong (another problem is that the tune in my head seems to be very repetitive having the same tune set out for all my lyrics). So I was wondering if anyone else thought of a tune while they were writing lyrics or if it was read by spoken word or what, and if you are like me with the weird music in your head how can i arrange it or get rid of it so i can write lyrics which are orderly and fluent. I'd really appreciate any help here, hopefully someone out there can understand my half asleep rambling gibberish and translate it into layman's terms.
i usually play a simple chord progression for the song im trying to write. While im playing that im singing lyrics and stopping to write them down periodically when i finish writing the song then i go back and fancy the guitar up a bit. But keep in mind this is what works for there is no set formula on writing lyrics, its just practice and finding what works for you. Good Luck.