Hey, I didn't know where else to put this, so here it goes.

Tomorrow I'm going to play for a guitarist role in our schoolplay Alice In Wonderland. It's going to get quite alternative, as the writers are big fans of psychadelic rock. The problem is, they only need one (MAYBE two guitarists), but as far as I know, at least 2 of the other guitarists are better than me (They play more complete songs than I do).

The audition is about a note we're getting, which we have to learn in about 20-30 minutes and afterwards, we have to show what we're made of... guitarwise..

My problem is that I never.. Quite played a whole song, because my teacher is skipping through loads of songs, so I just learn the important and kinda hard parts. I can't really play the song, but how will I impress them to get the spot ? Please help I've been playing for about 2½ years.
when playing a song, i always thought the whole thing was important? hmmm strange
After I've tried to play the notes they give me, it's up to myself to play some song.. Which I kinda.. can't
So... Learn some songs. If you can play the hard parts, it shouldn't be too hard to learn the easier parts, right?

What kind of music are you going to be playing for the play?

By the way, just because the others know more songs than you doesn't mean they're better.
You could do a medley of some of the really well known solos you know.

You could bring an accompanist and show off your theory/impro skills by soloing over a song with a heap of changes in it ('Round Midnight - Thelonius Monk is pretty good).

You could revamp a popular tune (like yellow submarine or something) and make it totally your own, with effects, fills, different phrasing.. anything.