Yes, they may all look douchey, but damn, some of them are actually quite good musically

This is quite frankly beautiful musically, clicky for studio version

& seeing as you can't really see the crabcore in that, here's a live version proving my point

Clicky again

1:16 onwards for about 30 seconds, 2:46 onwards for about 15 seconds

and lastly and most hilariously, when their fat bassist tries to do the guitar above head before breakdown at 4:17, I giggled at that for a good few minutes :')

Anyway pit, I thought I would share my findings with you. I'm not a troll, I actually adore this kinda music (yeah yeah, whatever, I think it's catchy), so yeah, discuss!
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But, that Heir to the Throne song is pretty good, until that idiot started his whiny singing.
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