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Heritage Cherry Sunburst
10 32%
Trans Blue Burst
13 42%
8 26%
Voters: 31.
I'm just wondering what finish I should get my new Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top in. I had to ask, since I am in a band that has a modern look, but wants to make music in the classic sense, like Wolfmother, when most bands actually cared about lyrical, musical integrity. Anyway, I will be using an Epiphone Les Paul Standard to START OUT WITH, and I will get a Gibson when I get more cash, but my band wants to LOOK modern, but SOUND classic, which is why I'm using the Les Paul. So which finish would look the LEAST ot of style??
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Well, I voted the burst because I have one, and it looks gorgeous... but if the other guys in the band have more modern guitars, go for the silver burst, looks much more sci-fi
They both sound the same...
Blue burst is the least common, cherry burst is classic - never been a fan of silver burst myself. The silver burst Epis were limited edition runs anwyays o you'd be paying extra for that (on top of the usual extra you pay for the Plus tops on the blue and cherry bursts).

Really though you don't have any choice in it if you want a guitar that actually plays well and sounds good - Epis vary a lot so you've got to go to a few stores and try a ton out, buy whichever one feels and sounds best to you. You probably won't have nay choice in the finish, it's rare to find two or more good Epis at a time, typically you'll find one good one and if you've got any sense you'll buy that one regardless of finish.
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I have played the HoneyBurst plus top. As soon as I saw it I had to pick it up. Its incredible as far as looks go
I'm beginning to lean toward the Blue Burst because IMO it's unigue, and sets you apart. Still not sure though.
Whichever one plays best. Epiphones aren't brilliant instruments so as long as you like all three of those finishes, and you do or you wouldn't be having to decide, just go buy whichever one of the three you find plays the best.
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They will all sound the same, so pick one

I would say silverburst, just because I like it.
Honeyburst or Vintage Sunburst FTW
If I had to pick out of those I would get the Cherry Burst
My personal fav is Honey Burst. Out of your choices, Go with Cherry. The blue imo is ugly. I never really liked it for some reason. Silverburst are sexy as hell too.
I'd go with the cherry sunburst, Idk though, I've seen some really ugly cherry sunbursts. Bluebursts and silverbursts just look tacky imo.
There's a sparkle flake that I think looks modern that you might wanna check out as well. Its a standard and a bit cheaper with a free hard case. I suppose some might find it tacky, but being a girl, I like a little sparkle.
As Darkcheef said, its completely subjective. They all sound the same. Play the same? Maybe.. but i like to think mine kicks every other ones ass..
Trans blue is one of my favorite LP finishes.

However, are you really trying to pick out a guitar just because it'll fit with your band? Pick whichever one YOU like best, not the one that will "fit in" with a band you may or may not be in for an extended period of time.
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