Hello UG members,

We are new the forums and hope you all welcome us! Some nice songs around on the forums, will be leaving feedback to them when I we get a chance!

We are a new UK band called Infamy from East Anglia and just want some feedback on some of the material we are creating.

Note: This is a rough demo, still experimenting with recording device we just purchased!

Thanks in advance,

Song Name : Bittersweet



Note : Posted somewhere else in the forums, not quite sure how to remove it as I know its against the terms.
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Why not to upload it to your UG profile?
Sorry, try again.

Ye Il sort that out soon Entru. Thanks for letting us know.
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Our profile is now sorted,

You can now listen to our demo there if you want an alternative.
Haha, like you said it's not normally my style of music - but it's definitely good - got a nice raw feeling to it that I like! Props!
This is pretty good! I like the whole kinda raw/garage rock-y feel to this. My only suggestion is to maybe make the guitar a bit louder throughout the song. It sounds good, but I feel like the guitar is a bit subdued and could be brought forward just a little bit more. Other than that, good job on the song!
Our band has just released our first EP, so could you crit one of the songs on it, or more if you're feeling up to it! Here is the thread
i hear alot of beatles and irish punk influence
i feel like the drums sound quality is holding this recording back
perhaps try recording them seperately with a couple over head mics

sounds more like you're kinda jamming with one mic in the room
and the guitar should be louder

very catchy

thanks for your crit as well
Thanks for the crits guys, will forward your comments onto the band and make the suggested improvements.
I liked this. I think the vocals could be lower in the mix. Or the guitars higher.

I could see myself listening to this on my own if it were mixed properly. Keep it up though!
hey man I like the rhythm a lot, and the progression is nice. simple, but nice. i can definitely hear a flogging molly/irish style influence, which is awesome. only suggestion, is to lower the levels on the vox a little, and raise the instruments up in the mix. What are you using to record? Sounds like you are recording them all at once? maybe try doing it track by track. But I enjoyed the song a lot, keep it up man.
Thanks for the crits guys!

We are using line port ux8 to record the tracks, it can handle 8 tracks at once and we are recording each instrument on a seperate track but only took about 20 mintues to edit the song itself, we need to spend more time raising the levels etc and messing around with the tracks but this version was just a rough demo to see what people thought.

In future we will adjust the sounds accordingly as you all suggested.
Its pertty good, the playing was nice and easy, drums sounded alright, and the progression was good. The only thing I would crit on is that the singers voice is a little mono tone in the verse, I think its because the lyrics are sung too fast, mabey slow down the verse and then speed up into the chours. But its a really good job so far.

Thanks for the crit btw.
Thanks for your crit!!
Beautiful chord progression
GREAT Garage Rock Band feel...Playing is damn nice, simple but great music.

Now as far as the recording goes...Vocals are too loud. You could have spent a few more hours to master it, match levels, EQ each track separately, then EQ the whole song after that's done. Mastering takes a LOT of time, our rhythm guitarist is DAMN good at it, he spent some 16 hours trying to make our song sound like it does, he's still not too happy with it..So I suggest you put in more time into better recording/tones/etc. Your recording unit is a good one, try to take full advantage of its power. TWEAK,TWEAK,TWEAK.

Nice job overall!!
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Thanks for your crit first.

This song reminded me of Green Day somehow
As a few people before me, I too think the vocals are too loud. Or the rest is too low volume. Whatever way you wanna put it, you probably should fix that.
Other than that there's not much to complain about. Cool garage rock feeling. Nice progression, and catchy. I could definately see myself listening to it, once the mixing is fixed.