I'm going to be recording announcements for a local airport, anyone got any tips for recording speech?
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Nah nah I'm going to be recording, as in recording someone else in a recording studio.
For every action, there is an equal and opposite criticism.
Watch out for the plosives (P's B's Sss's etc.) Speak with the mic at a 45 degree angle, see if that helps with these plosives. Also, try & compare other mic angles to see if it sounds better
^That's a pop-filter right?

if so, it will remove pops comming from "P"s and such
Pop shield and eat the mic to get that radio voice bass response.

Use a large diaphragm condenser if you have one.

Use a noise gate. Mind your attack and release times though or it will sound ridiculous.

Use very heavy compression. Crank the ratio right up to level it all out and ensure all is at audible levels. Use very fast attack time but slow release.

Edit: Technically the compression I'm talking about is called limiting, but I'm not going into it.
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Are you going to be engineering the recordings, or are you the one being recorded? Or both?
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^That's a pop-filter right?

if so, it will remove pops comming from "P"s and such

its called a pop shield (or filter i guess). But it will not totally make them dissappear. Good mic technique is essential i.e. speak at a distance on P's & B's or jst turn ur head for the P's & B's (& Sss's). That way your not impacting the diaphragm of the mic. Also I heard that they use a "Shure SM7" mic in radio-station studios. Designed for the job (i think)
Get your voice over artist to drink plenty of room temperature water before & during the session to keep the throat hydrated, if his/her voice starts to sound gloopy, sticky or clicky get him/her to eat a green apple or a slice of bread to get rid of excess spit.

Take into account the room you are recording in & reflections, always use a pop shield & lots of compression to squash the dynamic range.
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dont shout ahhhhh terrorist ... doesnt go down very well with the cops with guns

Edit - on a serious note.... pop shield
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