Okay, I've been looking around for awhile for a guitar around the $150-250 range, and I think I narrowed it down between two. An Alvarez RD210 or a Yamaha FG700S.

I've been to the local pawn shop and a guitar store near me and I wasn't too impressed with their selection. Neither place had these guitars. I like what I've heard on these forums about the FG700S, but I'll admit that I am a bit weary about ordering a Yamaha guitar.

On the other hand, I haven't seen much at all about the RD210. It's listed on the "What Guitar Under $300 Thread" as having a solid sitka spruce top. Other than that, there isn't much said about it (unless I've skimmed over it, of course). Does anyone here own one or has played one?

If you have any other suggestions, please, feel free to say so!

Any help is much appreciated! Thanks
i havent had too much exposure to yamahas but every alvarez ive ever picked up ive loved
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get the yamaha. i just checked on zzounds and worldmusic - the alvarez you're talking about has a laminate top. the higher priced alvarez guitars in the regent series are solid top and sound pretty darn good, but i wouldn't mess with a plywood top if i didn't have to.

i can't imagine why you'd be wary of getting a yamaha. they may be the most consistent guitars ever when it comes to build quality, finish and sound ever. for the past 8 months i've been going to guitar centers and other stores almost every weekend, and i have yet to find a yamaha that wasn't it good shape - even with all those people playing them. it's true that i prefer the sound of the fg730s to the fg700s, but the fg700s is still a nice guitar and feels great to play.

anyway, if you order via musiciansfriend.com or guitarcenter.com - or buy from your local guitar center - you'll have a month to decide if you keep the guitar in good shape.
Go Yamaha.
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I'd say Yamaha. As stated, they're very consistent and reliable.
I haven't played Alvarez so can't comment but my Yamaha is 20 years old and I still love it so would recommend on that basis