Post the submissions here with .gp5, .gp4 and .mid file format in a .zip file with your name. You can give a little explanation here if you like, but all the discussion belongs to the main thread, at least until the deadline is reached.

Ok, my song is a jazz approach which gets a bit funky and heavy later on. Since I watchet the move and played the games I tried to tell a little story.
It's set in the key of Eb major.
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Went with sorta a simple grungy hard rock approach. What key is it set in? Hell if I know.


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This is my version of the arrangement, i kept most of the melody from the tab and built the whole rhythm section around it. It´s a Jazz/Funk piece with A1, A2, B and Solo Choruses over B. Only in Gp5, because Gp4 doesn´t allow me to use swing 16ths.
Max Paine Theme.zip
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^ yours doesnt work for me. GP4?
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