Here's what i have..

a raven rg20 (yes i know it sucks.)

esp ltd ec-256

dean vx (this and the rg20 was my first setup)

I have a 400 dollar limit

I play bedroom and live

I'm looking for a metal tone (i.e. metallica, lamb of god, pantera etc.)

I live in dallas

All advice is appreciated and accepted

thank you
vox vt 50 xl, can get them for 250 to 300
Vox Ac 30 (main)
Fender Supersonic with Krank Krankenstien 4x12
OR 50 with 4 x 12
Gassing for ibanes airplane flanger
Either the VOX VT series of the Peavey Vypyr series.
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Schecter C1 Classic
Ibanez RG520QS
Greg Bennett Torino TR4

Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier
GSP1101 & Pod X3 Pro
Peavey 5150 & JSX
Bugera 6262 & 333XL
Carvin V3
Spider Valve HD100
You'll struggle getting decent metal tones for $400. I agree with the guy above me, solid state is a good choice on that budget.