Hey i've got a line 6 Rifftracker and riff works which I bought off the internet for £100.

Just wanted to know if anyone rates these things especially recording wise and if anyones got any tips on recording that would be useful as well.

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if your a newb to recording like myself, i think you'll find riffworks is awesome. I did have a guitar teacher who would use it in my sessions, so i may be partial having someone demo it once for me.....but i think it spretty straight foward and i like how the interface is setup.

VS something like cubase which came with my tascam; and leaves me feeling clueless.

With riffworks its already got some descent drum tracks built in.....cubase might too, but i just didnt spend any time looking at it after i had riffworks in front of me.

I been actually wanting to get some studio speakers and get back into recording....

Good luck -