I dont trust reviews too much so I want your opinion on this amp. I need good cleans and the distortion should be able to handle Rock, Classic Rock. I play in a band, but i think its loud enough for me. I love those vintage 60s/70s Rock tones... Budget is 600€.
Don't trust someone else's opinion.

Trust your ears and your ears alone.

Get what YOU want to get as you're the one that is going to be playing through it.

Afterall, if you were to buy an amp based on my thoughts on it, where would the fun be for you?

Part of the process is trying out different equipment and finding what works for you.
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^I agree, go try it out, but In my time of owning an AC15 CC1X it had a horrible harsh tone on loud volumes, but go try one out for yourself.
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It sounds like it would work for you, depending on how much gain you need I'd recommend buying a nice overdrive. I really like the amp, very nice and articulate for a $600 amp.
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An AC15 would work well, especially for lighter 60s rock, but the CCs are junk compared even to the earlier Korg reissues, let alone the original models.

This is very true but the korg reissues are more in the range of the HWs so its not like they cost the same
i really didn't like the one i tried, but it was second-hand and as such may have been faulty or had really old tubes or something. but it sounded horrid, really harsh as jak says (and I didn't have it up that loud either, though a bit louder than bedroom volume).
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