I remember a while back seeing a website where you could design your own Ibanez RG series. Anyone have the website, and perhaps have sites to design other kinds of guitars?
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This cool flash web template is for a rock music bands web site. A Flash animated girl dances to the music and a rock song plays in the background. There is a Macromedia Flash animated text box with tabs that holds the web site's content. You can specify 5 page names on the template. This scrollable text box accepts basic html (sorry, no pictures). The text box also plays music, has a sound off and on buttons and volume controllers. There is a tiny equalizer that moves up and down with the beat on the text box. There are stock images of a rock band included as Polaroid photographs in the template. (In order to use your own band photos you will need to have the template customized) A graphic editor is needed to add your site name and logo on the top banner. Basic Instructions, are included. The Flash source file is not included. There is no link back requirement or link removal fee on this template. We recommend purchasing this photo gallery with this music web template. View more music web templates.
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